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Ryan Carter

Wendy Wan-Ki Lee

Chi-hin Leung

Igor Karača

Ingrid Stölzel

Jonah Elrod

Leah Reid

Matthew Heap

Nathaniel Haering



The Society of Composers, Inc. is a “professional society dedicated to the promotion, performance, understanding and dissemination of new and contemporary music.” Having brought dozens of unique and compelling compositions to Navona Records over the years, they are now back with the latest in SCI’s series: FLUX, a collection of striking, innovative, and altogether unignorable music.


Featuring nine of SCI’s current composers, FLUX presents a full range of styles and instrumentation. Ryan Carter’s chamber work presenting questions about the pros and cons of social media is mingled with Wendy Wan-Ki Lee’s flute-cello duo exploring the balance between idealism and realism and Chi-hin Leung’s Chinese dance-inspired piece featuring traditional instruments creating unique sounds and gestures. Igor Karača conjures up sounds of South African echo caves with piano and saxophone, and Ingrid Stölzel’s music for trio based on poetry stands side-by-side with Jonah Elrod’s music for marimba that explores the dance between city and starlight. Leah Reid’s portable percussion piece dives into an array of sounds and textures while Matthew Heap’s piano duo depicts the transcendental feel of experiencing vast mountainscapes. Nathaniel Haering closes off the album with a riveting vocal work depicting the complexities of aging. SCI’s latest album presents a powerful circle of artists, some new to Navona Records and others veterans, but all equally bringing something fresh to the table.


With FLUX, thinking outside the box is to be expected. Each composition boldly presents new ideas and experiences, and invites each listener into the daringly creative journey.




Release Date: October 25, 2019

Catalog #: NV6252

Format: Physical & Digital





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