Conducted by Dan Redfeld

Album producers Dan Redfeld & Michael Stern

Album executive producer Elizabeth Hedman

Album associate producer  Christina Harding

Music recorded & mixed by  Michael Stern


Recorded  August 23, 24 & 25, 2011 at East West Studios, Studio 1, Hollywood CA & October 2, 2011 at Capitol Studios, Studio A, Hollywood CA

Additional vocals recorded at  Stagg St. Studios, Van Nuys CA (December 2011)


Mixed at Magnet Reel Sound, Calabasas CA

Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood CA


Orchestra contractor  Elizabeth Hedman

Music librarian/booth rep  Steven Ganci

Recording assistants Ethan Carlson, Brendan Dekora,

Chandler Harrod, Chris Kahn

Graphic design Dewynters Ltd, London

Project advisor Jeffrey James

Publicity  Beth Krakower – The Krakower Group & Verena King – Verena King Public Relations

Legal Alan Kassirer

Photography Linda A. Rapka, John James Hickey, Dan Goldwasser, Rosi Greenberg, Steven Gabriel, Kat Hennessey & Michael Lamont


A Hopeful Place is published by  Bearworks Music (ASCAP)

Recording licensed by HumBear Music LLC


Orchestra Personnel

Piccolo/Flute/Penny Whistle Boglárka Kiss

Oboe/English Horn/Oboe d’Amore  Keve Wilson, Chris Bleth

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Donald T. Foster

Bassoon  Damian Montano


French Horns  Brian O’Connor (pr), Joe Meyer

Trumpet/Flugelhorn  Ray Nowak


Timpani  Chester Englander (pr)

Percussion  Brian Kilgore, Pete Korpela, Brad Dutz, Terry Schonig

Jazz Kit  Bernie Dresel


Harp Alison Bjorkedal

Piano/Keyboards  Robert Thies


Violins  Elizabeth Hedman (cm), Rachel Englander

Viola Rodney Wirtz

Cello  Ira Glansbeek

Bass  Steve Dress


HumBear Music would like to thank

Renato Biribin & Julia Gregory, Teri & Mark Gross, Christina Harding, Helen & Lou Harding, Annette Hedman, Gerald Hedman, Martin

& Kathleen Hedman, Debra & Darren Madrid, Graham Mouw & Raina Krell for believing. You are the angels who lit the fires for us to move beyond the concert hall.


All the other souls who have supported A Hopeful Place in countless ways.

Piccadilly, Sassaphronia, Monte & Zuma AFM Local 47 and the incredible Los Angeles musicians who played so brilliantly on A Hopeful Place.

Candace Stewart, Paula Salvatore & Melody Carpenter and the staff at each recording facility. Patricia Sullivan & James Jamail at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Beth Krakower, Jeffrey James, Verena King, Daniel Matter & Allan Kassirer for sharing their wisdom and guiding hands. Fiona Carpenter, Keith Kenny, Robert McKenzie, Amanda Young and the entire staff at Dewynters for their inspired work which visually captured the essence of A Hopeful Place. Bob Lord, Sam Renshaw, Brett Picknell, Nate Hunter, Morgan MacLeod and the entire staff at PARMA Recordings for giving the world a chance to hear this piece. May the collaboration continue for many more years to come!


The authors would like to thank

Michael Stern for 20 years of collaboration and especially for giving A Hopeful Place its sound. Kristi Holden for the 15 years of friendship, inspiration and most of all for providing the heart of A  Hopeful Place. Your artistry is unique and this piece is truly yours. Elizabeth Hedman for being the pillar of this project and the continued belief in its place in the world. Also, for giving us your immense talent both on and behind the recording process. There are not enough words to express our gratitude.


Label Credits

Executive Producer Bob Lord

A&R  Sam Renshaw

Audio Director  Jeff LeRoy

Production Engineer  Nate Hunter

Art & Production Director  Brett Picknell

Marketing  Morgan MacLeod


© 2016 HumBear Music llc  The copyright in this sound recording is owned by HumBear Music llc under exclusive license to Navona Records llc. All rights reserved.  The Navona imprint is a registered trademark of PARMA Recordings llc. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance & broadcasting of the recorded work prohibited.




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